Which baby carrier to choose for a newborn

Do you know which baby carrier to use to carry your infant?

No stress !

In the video below, we show you the baby carriers with which you will be able to wear your little one in a physiological way.
Yes! You have several possibilities depending on your needs and those of your baby.

#1 : Baby wrap

This is the best way to your newborn . The baby wrap is versatile , scalable, you'll be able to use it for a long time and test a lot of knots as your baby gets older.

It can be used from the first hours of life in front carry. You can do the front wrap cross carry which is one of the easiest knots and also the front kangaroo carry.

Disadvantages: You'll have to learn how to use it

When you start babywearing, we usually recommand to take a 4m50 wrap. It's long and it's a lot of fabric to handle. But that allows you to do all the knots.

To learn how to use your scarf, you have several possibilities. The first is the instructions you receive with your baby carrier that we invite you to read before you start.

Now, if the user manual is not enough, you have another option like watching a tutorial video. There are a lot of them on Youtube including all Ling Ling love tutorials .

If you do not feel comfortable with the instructions and the videos, you have a third option: take part in a portering workshop! Here is the link to a directory of instructors trained in babywearing. There is probably one near you.

All these recommendations apply obviously for other baby carriers!

#2 : Ringsling

It is an alternative to the wrap. The ringsling is easier to use because there is no knotting to do. In fact, it is a short babywrap that has at one end two sewn 2 rings. It is through the rings that the fabric will slide and allow you to adjust the baby carrier.

The ringsling is usable from the first hours of life in front carry (belly against belly).

Because it is slung over one shoulder, the ringsling is an extra physiological baby carrier. It is used from birth (about 3.5kg) up to about 3 years (max.15kg). This lightweight baby carrier allows you to carry your child on your front, side.

#3 : P4 baby size

It is THE baby carrier that we recommend to all parents who do not want the ringsling or a baby wrap. Why ? Because there is no fabric to handle, no tie to do. It is a physiological baby carrier easy to handle. It is made of babywrap fabric and when it is well adjusted, it is happiness for everyone.

The P4 baby size can be used from the first month of life in ventral carriage.

The P4 baby size is a full-buckle baby carrier made of organic cotton babywrap fabric (GOTS label). Its tuning system is very well thought out to keep track of growth of your newborn from birth (about 3.5kg) to at about 12 months ( max 15 kg ). The P4 baby size allows you to easily bring your newborn to the height of kisses and this from the first moments.

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