Largage : what is it ?

What does mean largage and how to proceed.

When to do

You can do with all our baby carriers.

bébé endormi en sling Ling Ling d'amour

How to transfer your sleeping baby

It's nap time. Baby has finally fallen asleep against you in a front carry position or on the side. But for some reason, you will not be able to keep him in the baby carrier during all nap's time. So you will have to deposit your baby without him waking up, otherwise you will have to start this all over again ...

It's time to put your mother-ninja-carrier plan into action: dropping a sleeping baby.

Set by step

poudre à dodo midtai LLA portage physiologique

A sleeping baby in LLA meitai carrier

There are different methods depending on the baby carrier that you have. We detail some techniques by type of baby carrier.


This is the easiest sleeping baby dropping of the story of the babywearing (normally). You loosen the fabric with one hand and with the other you support your baby asleep. You put her gently on the mattress while leaning over the bed and you slip out of the ringsling! Baby stays asleep? You have won ! Well done !

Meitai carrier : Mid-Tai, Mid-Tai+ or Maxi-Tai

Untie the straps and hold the apron on the baby's back, lean forward to lay baby on the bed. Do not hesitate to be completely horizontal when you will untie the belt so as not to wake baby. Adjust the straps of the straps around baby so that he is not disturbed during his nap. Baby is still asleep? It's won, well done!

Full-buckle (P4 baby size, P4, P4 preschool) ou M-Tai

This is one of the less obvious ... Untie the buckle of the chest strap on your back for the P4 or untie the suspenders for the M-Taï and support the apron on the back of baby. Lie baby on the bed while leaning over baby. You will be able to detach the safety buckle from the belt. Baby sleeps soundly? It's successful, congratulations!


largage bébé réussi sling Ling Ling d'amour

A succesfull lift-out from a LLA ringsling

largage bambin préformé P4 LLA réussi

A successufull lift-out from full-buckle P4 carrier

Try it !

Happy babywearing !

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