LLA's ringsling

Made with certified organic cotton (GOTS label), Ling Ling d'amour's ringsling is the ideal complementary carrier from birth to walk.

➡️ What is a ringsling ?
A Ring Sling is a short wrap which doesn’t require any tying. A pair of rings is sewn on one end, through which the wrap can slide, thus allowing you to adjust the carrier.

➡️ When can I use a ring sling ?

Discreet and fast, the Ring Sling turns out to be essential for daily carries (errands, school runs…), letting you keep both hands free.

➡️ Can I use a ringsling since birth ?
Yes, you can wear your baby in a ringsling since birth and up to 3 years old (max. 15kg).

➡️ Is a ringsling easier to use than a baby wrap ?
Yes, because there is less fabric and the ringsling doesn't require any tie ! 

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