Our selection of best baby carriers for dads !

Is the babywearing only for moms?

No ! babywearing is no longer just the long baby wrap full of coloris. There is now a multitude of carrying system to carry baby. Baby carriers at very affordable prices, with sober colors for dads and organic cotton, of course!

 In addition to all the benefits of babywearing (article to read), please know that a babywearing dad is sexy!

Let’s see !


#1 – Ringsling


The ringsling is a quick and easy baby carrier, which allows an incredible complicity with your child: he looks at you, looks at the world feeling protected, you feel it close, that's the contact is made between him and you. You can use it in your daily life, shopping time or looking for your elders at school for example. Usable from birth up to 15kg. Easy to put on, to adjust, it does not take place!

 ringsling best carrier for dads

Ringsling to wear your baby even in summer time !

#2 – Mei-tai

You want to find the great sensation of the babywarp but you also want a quick installation ? The mei-tai (meh-dai) baby carrier may be what you are looking for ! : https://www.echarpe-portebebe-linglingdamour.fr/en/content/28-picking-a-mei-tai-baby-carrier


a-      Mid-Tai et Mid-Tai +

These are baby carriers easy to put in place: a belt and straps to tie. Baby is very well supported and you have complete freedom of movement for the arms to carry shopping or suitcases if you are traveling with your family. Baby can fall asleep without problems and it's always nice to feel him relax, trust you! Usable from 4 months up to 18kg.


meh-dai great carrier for dads

Babywearing dad carrying his daughter in Mid-Tai

b-      Maxi-Tai

Your baby is a toddler and you want to continue the adventure of babywearing? The Maxi-Tai has been specially designed for big child carrying. This is our model mei-tai size preschool with which you can carry your child up to 27kg on the front or on the back. Do not hesitate !


meitai easy baby carrier for dads

Babywearing dad backcarrying his daughter with Maxi-Tai preschool meh-dai

#3 – M-Tai : half-buckle

Halfway between the mei-tai and the full-buckle (we’ll introduce it just after), this baby carrier is a physiological baby carrier mode even faster to install than mei-tai: a belt buckle and straps to tie. You set it once and then there is no need to adjust it every time. A good baby position much easier to use than the baby wrap! One of the bestseller for weekend family walks. Usable from 4 months up to 18kg.

 half-buckle carrier for dads

Babywearing dad's hands are free to carry the suitcases!

#3 – Full-buckle P4

This is without a doubt the best physiological baby carrier for dads! No tie and no fabric to handle. The full-buckle carrier P4 is the baby carrier without fuss. A buckled belt and backpack type shoulder straps to put on your shoulders and baby is worn against his dad!

the easiest baby carrier for dads

The P4 is the best baby carrier for dads!

The apron is to choose according to the age of your baby: 

- Infant: P4 baby size (max.12kg) 

- between 4 months and 24 months: the standard P4 (max.18kg) 

- for children over 2 years old: P4 preschool (max.27kg)



 full-buckle carrier for dads

Babywearing dad frontcarry his daughter using P4 preschool from the blog : http://www.aimeresttoujoursrose.fr/2018/10/test-du-p4-preschool-de-linglingdamour.html

All these modes of carriage ensure a good ergonomic position for your child and for yourself. Do you have questions about babycarrying and / or our baby carriers? We invite you to read our babywearing FAQ!

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