How to choose your baby carrier?

In order to help you choose the Ling Ling d'amour baby carrier that's right for you, here are all our solutions to accompany you every day with your baby: Baby wrap, sling, bearer baby preformed, meï-tai , you will find your favorite baby carrier .

How to carry your newborn?

Which baby carrier to choose to wear a baby from 4 months to 2 years?

How to wear a toddler?

I do not want to make knots, which baby carrier to choose?

How to carry your newborn?

From birth to 3 months, the needs of your baby are different from those of a baby of a few months or a toddler. He does not hold his head and does not have enough musculature on his back and abdomen. The newborn needs to be well supported in a physiological position. For more details on carrying newborns, visit our dedicated page Which ergonomic baby carrier to choose for a newborn?

Baby wrap

babywrap Ling Ling d'amour PruneNewborn in Ling Ling d'amour's wrap

The baby wrap is the most versatile baby carrier. You will be able to carry your baby from birth in the best conditions. The Ling Ling d'Amour baby wrap is:

  • adaptable, you can make precise adjustments to support the back of baby;
  • allows a wide variety of nodes;
  • all carrying positions are possible: front, hip and back;
  • in organic cotton (GOTS label);
  • evolutionary, it will accompany you from the birth to the 3 years of your child (maximum weight of 15 kg).

In order to start babywrapwearing, we recommend choosing a size of 4.50 m or 5.20 m depending on your body size. The shorter wraps of 3.70 m are mostly reserved for knots that require little fabric.

The ringsling

little wrap without a knot Ling Ling d'amourNewborn carried in LLA's ringsling

The Ling Ling Ring Sling is a knotless little wrap, the settings are made thanks to the weave sliding through 2 rings. You will be able to benefit from wearing in ringsling from the birth without the learning of the knots. The LLA ringsling is:

  • very easy to use for quick installation;
  • lightweight and space-saving so that it can be carried anywhere;
  • evolutionary like the classic baby wrap: it will follow the growth of your baby from birth up to 15 kg, about 3 years;
  • in organic cotton (GOTS label);
  • allows to wear in 2 positions: in front and on the side (hip carry) when baby is growing up.

Sling remains the favorite extra port for moms and dads. To know all our means of auxiliary portage, consult our dedicated page.

P4 Baby size

P4 baby size Ling Ling d'amourA full-buckle carrier adapted to the small gap of the legs of a newborn

Do you want to wear baby from birth in a baby carrier that is all about the morphology of your infant? The P4 baby size will meet all your expectations:

  • shoulders straps and abdominal belts with clip;
  • padding for the wearer's comfort;
  • slips on like a backpack;
  • physiological position guaranteed;
  • adjustments of the seat to support the baby's back;
  • from birth up to 15 kg and without insert;
  • baby carrier in 2 positions: front and back;
  • very supportive wrap fabric in organic cotton (GOTS label);
  • lightweight and space-saving.

The P4 baby size is the best carrier for parents who do not want the wrap or the ringsling to carry their infant.

Which baby carrier to choose to wear a baby from 4 months to 2 years?

Baby is growing up, he now holds his head and wakes up little by little. Its needs are evolving and other modes of carrying are now possible.

The ring sling

sling écharpe sans noeud Ling Ling d'amourHip carry in ringsling Ling Ling d'amour

As detailed above, the LLA's ringsling is scalable and follows your child up to a maximum weight of 15 kg.

The babywrap

back carry in Ling Ling d'amou's baby wrap Back carry in Ling Ling d'amour's baby wrap

The LLA woven baby warp will accompany you from birth to 3 years of your child.

The P4 full-buckle carrier

P4 Ling Ling d'amour préformé physiologique bébéFront carry in P4 carrier

After the baby size, the soft-structured carrier P4 standard allow you to carry your baby since 4 months old:

  • upgradable: up to 18 kg;
  • foamed and clip-on waistband;
  • comfortable shoulders straps with clip, which slip like a backpack;
  • speed and ease of installation;
  • 2 carrying positions: front and back;
  • in organic cotton (GOTS label);
  • seat adjustments in height and width;
  • hood, small mirror and carrying bag.

The M-Tai

M-Taï Ling Ling d'amour porte-bébé hybride physiologiqueBaby is breastfeeding while carried in M-Tai carrier

The M-Tai carrier Ling Ling d'amour is a hybrid baby carrier, halfway between the full-buckle and mei-tai that allows you to wear baby from 4 months to about 3 years (max.18kg):

  • foamed belt that snaps;
  • Mixed straps: deployable like a mei-tai, padded and knotted;
  • reinforcement of the seat thanks to the straps for a big support;
  • up to a weight of 18 kg;
  • made of organic wrap fabric (GOTS label);
  • front, side or back carry

The Mid-Tai

meitai Mid-Taï de LLAFront carry in Mid-Tai

The Mid-Tai is the minimalist me-tai baby carrier from Ling Ling d'Amour, for the simplest use:

  • from 4 months to 18 kg;
  • suspenders and belts that are tied to fit the baby's and wearer's morphology as accurately as possible
  • weave scarf fabric;
  • in organic cotton (GOTS label);
  • front carry, side carry or back carry.

The Mid-Tai +


The Mid-Taï+

The Mid-Tai + is another version of the Mid-Tai baby carrier. This mei-tai has, in addition to all the quality of the Mid-Taï, supple and foamed mixed straps for greater comfort and a hood to protect the baby's head.

  • from 4 months to 3 years (max.18 kg);
  • straps and belts that tie;
  • in organic cotton scarf fabric (GOTS label);
  • hood and small mirror;
  • front, side or back carry

How to carry a toddler?

P4 preschool

P4 preschool full-buckle carrierA full-buckle for children above 3 years old

The P4 preschool full-buckle carrier.

Afin de continuer à porter votre bambin dans une posture physiologique, et pour vous soulager du portage à bras, Ling Ling d'Amour a créé la version preschool de son préformé P4 :

  • évolutif : il s'adapte à la taille de votre enfant grâce à ses réglages ;
  • jusqu'à un poids de 27 kg, soit environ 5/6 ans ;
  • s'enfile comme un sac à dos pour une installation rapide ;
  • portage dos et ventral possibles ;
  • capuche, miroir et petit sac de transport;
  • tissu d'écharpe de portage en coton bio (label GOTS);
  • ceinture ventrale et bretelles à clip.


Maxi-Taï 1.0 LLA Ling Ling d'amour meitai preschoolA meitai for preschooler !

The Maxi-Tai

Vous souhaitez continuer à porter en meh dai après les 2 ans de votre enfant ? Le Maxi-Tai de LLA est une alternative au préformé pour porter de grands enfants. Il est unique en son genre :

  • jusqu'à 27 kg (environ 5 ans) ;
  • bretelles et ceintures qui se nouent ;
  • sensations proches de l'écharpe de portage ;
  • tissu d'écharpe de portage en coton bio (lablel GOTS);
  • bretelles mixtes déployables et rembourrées ;
  • portage dans le dos et portage ventral possibles.

Do you want  to know about toddlers babywearing , check our dedicated page for preschooler carriers.

I do not want to make knots, which baby carrier to choose?

Vous souhaitez porter votre tout-petit dans une position physiologique, mais vous ne souhaitez pas apprendre à nouer une écharpe de portage ? Ling Ling d'amour a plusieurs solutions à vous proposer afin que vous trouviez le mode de portage qui vous convient.

Full-buckler carriers P4

En fonction de l'âge de votre bébé, nous vous proposons 3 porte-bébés préformés, qui s'installent comme un sac à dos :

The mei-tais

Le mei-tai est un mélange entre le préformé et l'écharpe de portage, les nouages sont très simples à effectuer. Nous avons différents types de mei-tais en fonction de vos besoins :

  • le M-Taï, l'hybride, de 4 mois à 3ans environ (max. 18 kg), ceinture à clips et bretelles à nouer;
  • le Mid-Taï, le meï-taï classique, de 4 mois à 3ans environ (max. 18 kg) ;
  • le Mid-Taï +, le Mid-Taï avec des bretelles mixtes , de 4 mois à 3ans environ (max. 18 kg) ;
  • le Maxi-Taï, le porte-bébé mei-tai toddler, de 2 à 5 ans environ (max. 27kg).

The ringsling

Le sling est une écharpe de portage qui ne nécessite aucun nœud grâce à des anneaux. Elle permet de porter des bébés de la naissance à 3 ans environ (max. 15 kg).

Do you have any question ? Check our Babywearing FAQ.

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