LLA’s know-how is the story of a mum and a dad, both passionate about babywearing, and working daily on making it more accessible for everyone. Ling Ling d’amour is a very small family business, specialized in manufacturing and selling our brand’s ergonomic organic cotton baby carriers.

Ling Ling d’amour’s parents, both textile engineers and living in Asia for more than sixteen years, have piled up professional experiences in sourcing, development, production, quality, as well as ethics and compliance. They are proud to offer you quality products, bearing in mind the respect for people and nature.


At Ling Ling d’amour, we have chosen to work exclusively with cotton from certified organic origin. Its organic cultivation means that no pesticides or heavy metals are used. Water consumption is also lower than for regular cotton. Organic cotton is better tolerated by our skin and the chance of allergy is much lower.

Using our textile expertise, we have selected the accessories we use (cords, buckles, straps…) amongst the best on the market (COATS, Duraflex, ...).


We are very demanding on the quality of our products, as they are intended for babies and children. That’s why we do our best to ensure top quality from development to manufacturing.

Our baby carriers and the materials we use have been tested and validated in a certified laboratory, via a standard test based on the NF EN 13209-2, CEN/TR 16512 norm.

Our baby carriers comply with all safety requirements.

The materials we use for our baby carriers are certified GOTS (for the fabric), Blue sign or oekotex (for the accessories). We only work with suppliers who are recognized in the Outdoor world for the resistance and quality of their products. In order to guarantee the conformity of every product, we perform various types of controls during every manufacturing process: raw materials control, pre-production samples control, in-production and post-production quality control.


We have chosen to favour cooperation with factories which respect the working conditions of their employees and the environment. Our professional experiences in the textile domain in Asia allow us to work with factories in accordance to international labour laws, and even more:

  1. No child labour
  2. No forced or mandatory labour
  3. A good working environment
  4. Respect of daily working hours and reasonable wages
  5. Freedom of speech
  6. Buildings construction approved by competent authorities

Happy babywearing in LLA !

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