The ringsling

Discreet and fast, the Ring Sling turns out to be essential for daily carries (errands, school runs…), letting you keep both hands free.

Discover how to use it.

VIDEO TUTO RINGSLING : ringsling front carry - newborn special

➡️How to improve the wearing comfort when wearing a baby sling? Twisting the fabric of the sling before putting the fabric in the rings provides better support for your little baby. This spin also allows him to have his legs at the same height.

VIDEO TUTO RINGSLING : ringsling hip carry

➡️Discover all our tips to improve your comfort of carrying when using your ringsling carrier in hipcarry.

VIDEO TUTO RINGSLING : ringsling hip carry (babywearing doll)

Breastfeeding in a ringsling

VIDEO TUTO SLING : how to use your ringsling protector

How to cover your ringsling rings to protect your baby's head

We present with this little tutorial how to make a roll or how to cover the rings of the sling to protect the head of your little one.

➡️Why protect the rings from ringsling? It is often the case that a tiny baby makes sudden movements with his head. To prevent him from bumping his head still very malleable against the aluminum rings of the baby carrier, you can make a small cushion with the remaining fabric. This little piece of cloth will dampen the movement of your baby's head on the rings. Doing a little fabric cushion on the rings can also be very handy when your baby falls asleep. Sometimes his head tilts when he relaxes when he is asleep and it can touch the rings. This will make him a little cushion more pleasant for his head than the contact of the rings during his nap against you.

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