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Ling Ling d'amour’s Ring Sling

Made with certified organic cotton (GOTS label), it is the ideal complementary carrier from birth to walk.

Discreet and fast, the Ring Sling turns out to be essential for daily carries (errands, school runs…), letting you keep both hands free.


LLA’s Ringsling

fast, easy to use, discreet

  • dimensions : 1,85 m (+/- 5 %) long, 70 cm width;
  • twill-weave;
  • made with 100% organic cotton (GOTS label);
  • for carrier from XS to XL;
  • 3 positions to carry your baby : front, hip or back;
  • included : ring protection, leaflet with instructions.

sling porte-bébé Ling Ling d'amourLLA’s Ring Sling is the ideal complementary carrier from birth to walk.

At Ling Ling d’Amour, we know that both your baby and you have specific needs. That’s why we offer you a Ring Sling made with organic cotton (GOTS label) for a rock-bottom price.

sling porte-bébé LLA papa porteurThe ringsling is one of the dads favorite carrier !

A baby wrap without anything to tie!

A Ring Sling is a short wrap which doesn’t require any tying. A pair of rings is sewn on one end, through which the wrap can slide, thus allowing you to adjust the carrier.

>As it is worn asymmetrically across one shoulder, the Ring Sling is a complementary carrier. It can be used from birth (approx. 3.5 kg) up to 3 years old (max. 15kg). This light baby carrier can be used to carry your child on the front and the side, as well as on the back.

sling porte-bébé LLA porter nouveau-né naissance Ringsling is a great carrier to carry your newborn.

Discreet and fast, the Ring Sling turns out to be essential for daily carries (errands, school runs…), letting you keep both hands free.

Comfortable and convenient

The Ring Sling is worn across the shoulder, as an asymmetrical carry. You can place your child in a physiological and comfortable position in a few seconds only.

When your baby is correctly positioned, her back is curved, her pelvis tilted and her legs up. You can easily adjust the wrap on her back and under her bottom, to remove any excess fabric and tighten it precisely. 

Older babies can be carried on your side (from approx. 4 months old) and even, later, on the back (for experienced babywearers).

When your baby can sit up by herself, she can let her arms outside the Ring Sling.

Your ally to breastfeed both discreetly and quickly

sling porte-bébé allaiter Ling Ling d’amourBabywearing while breastfeeding.

Here the baby is in a vertical position in the Ring Sling to feed. To do so, you just need to loosen the Ring Sling to get some slack and bring your baby down at breast level. Once the nursing is over, readjust the Ring Sling to put baby back up, close enough to kiss.

You can also bottlefeed this way.

The Ring Sling is the lightest, least bulky baby carrier in all our range. When you’re not using it, you can keep it on across your shoulder, or fold it away in your handbag or backpack.

Ling Ling d’amour’s know-how

LLA’s Ring Sling is woven with organic cotton (GOTS label), in twill-weave for our Daïcaling and SoL collection and in dobby-weave (using a Jacquard loom) for the Aïon collection (Deep Ocean and Papaya colourways).

Comfort comes up to the mark for you: the spreading of the fabric is hybrid, halfway between pleated and gathered. It can be entirely spread on your shoulder for a greater contact area. But you can adjust the spreading to your liking, if you should prefer it narrower. Some users enjoy this as it gives them a greater freedom of movement.

To make it easier for you, the hems on our Ring Slings are sewn in different colours. That way, you can check at a glance that the fabric didn’t get twisted in you back.

Special reinforcement stitches are sewn on the hems for a strengthening them.

Since 2015, a removable ring-pad is now supplied with your Ring Sling (Daïcaling collection only). Aesthetic, this accessory is also convenient: it hides the rings and protects your baby’s head. It matches your Ring Sling.

sling porte-bébé d'appoint protège-anneaux Ling Ling d'amourThe removable ring-pad - ©Kalianaisbadoux

For the SoL and Aion collections, the ring-pad is not available. You can however use the tail to wrap around the rings.

Videos tutos how to carry baby

You will find at our section video all your need to know about how to carry your baby in your ringsling, how to use the ring-pad or to protect the rings with the ringsling tail, how to nurse your baby ...

Technical informations

Dimensions: 1.85 m (+/- 5%) and 70 cm wide / 72 cm wide SoL et Aïon.

Organic cotton (GOTS Label)

The tail is cut straight for Daïcaling; it is tapered for SoL and Aïon for a more elegant drape.

Because of its dimensions, we recommend the LLA Ring Sling up to size EU48 approx.

The ringsling comes with an instructional leaflet, and many videos are available on our YouTube channel.

The ringsling has been tested and approved in a certified testing laboratory, using a standard test procedure based on CEN/TR 16512. It complies with all safety requirements.

From birth
Age ranges
birth (6,6lbs) - 3 years old
Max weight
33 lbs
Nursing in this baby carrier
Can be used to carry your baby
front carry, hip carry and back carry
fabric made in certified organic cotton (GOTS)
Broken Twill Weave
210 g/m2
fabric dye
Country of manufacture
Type of baby carrier
Sling parfait
rating 5
Sling très agréable pour les plus petits.
Non utilisé chez des enfants de plus d\'un an pour le moment.

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