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The Mid-Tai + is a mei-tai baby carrier: a belt and mixed straps to tie on.

More convenient, more evolutive, the Mid-Tai+ features very ingenious design details to make babywearing easier!


Mid-Tai + baby carrier

The Ling Ling Ling Mid-Tai + is a practical, comfortable and lightweight meitai baby carrier. Wearing your baby in Mid-Tai + reminds you of the sensations of the baby wrap with a much easier use:

  • for babies from 4 months to 3 years old (from 6 to 18 kg max.);
  • baby wrap fabric (GOTS label);
  • evolutif thanks to an adjustment system of the apron;
  • mixed shoulder straps (padded and deployable) for maximum comfort;
  • strap-holding elastic loops;
  • hood and adjustable headrest;
  • included: explanatory booklet, small pocket mirror (within the limit of available stocks).

Mid-Tai + de Ling Ling d'amour

Inspired by our flagship product, the Mid-Tai

More convenient, more evolutive, the Mid-Tai+ features very ingenious design details to make babywearing easier.

It allows you to carry your child from 4 months old (approx. 6kg) up to 18 kg max (approx. 3 years old).

meitai front carry Mid-Tai plus Front carry babywearing in Mid-Tai+

meitai back carry midtai plus Back carry babywearing in Mid-Tai+

An evolutive meitai

Your Mid-Tai+ baby carrier fits your child’s growth

Side cords and a buckle at the base of the seat help adjusting the size of the back panel.

  • To the minimum, the width of seat can be tightened down to 20.5 cm, and the height of the panel down to 21 cm (not including the headrest) (+/- 5 mm),which is ideal for smaller babies.

With this setting, you can carry your baby from 4 months old / 6kg approx.: no need to wait until your baby can grab her ankles.

  • To the maximum, the back panel is 42 cm wide and 44.5 cm high including the headrest, allowing you to carry your child up to 18 kg max, a generous toddler size.

meitai apron width reduce

Buckle at the base of the seat help adjusting the width of the back panel

meitai apron height

Side cords : adjust height of the back panel

Tips: When your baby can sit up by herself, she can let her arms out of the carrier. You can then reduce the height of the panel if you want.

More comfortable

As comfortable as a babywrap

This mei tai is made of organic cotton GOTS label. It is guaranteed without toxic substances . The apron is made from babywrap fabric in broken-twill weaving.

In this mei-tai, the baby is in physiological position, his legs are bent in frog position and his back is rounded. The pelvis is tilted and the knees are higher than the hips.

midtai plus Ling Ling d'amour

A comfortable meitai for the little worn and the wearer.

A tie-on belt:

The belt perfectly suits every babywearer’s morphology. it is lightly foam-padded for perfect comfort and support.

Mixed straps:

Both padded on the shoulders and spreadable, they offer you a superior babywearing comfort. This type of straps allows for an instant set up on your shoulders. Moreover, the freedom of movements is greater, so babywearing is more pleasant for everyone.

The straps are tied on and measure approx. 2m long.

Mid-Tai + comfortable meitai

Tie-on belt and straps

Mixed straps: great comfort and freedom of movement

As the straps are mixed (both padded and spreadable), you can spread the wide tails flat under your baby’s bottom to reinforce the seat : even more comfortable !

with no seat reinforcementWear your baby in Midt-Tai + with no seat reinforcement

Avec renforcement de l’assiseWear your baby in Midt-Tai + with reinforced seat

Like all the mei-tai carriers in our range, the bottom hem is sewn in a different colour so it’s easier to spot. So adjusting your carrier is even easier.

Mid-Taï + : plus pratique !

A more convenient meitai

An innovative system: the strap-holding elastic loops

Strap-holding elastic loops are positioned on the belt of the Mid-Tai carrier. They act as a restraint system for the shoulder straps: you can stick the end of the straps in the elastic loops so they don’t fall to the ground anymore. No more dust-sweeping tails!

élastiques porte-pans du Mid-Tai +

Strap-holding elastic loops

Utiliser les élastiques porte-pans du Mid-Tai +

How to use strap-holding elastic loops

A depth-adjustable hood

The fabric hood can be fixed to the shoulder straps at various heights using cords, and can be folded away in the headrest. It protects your baby from the wind and the sun. Its size can be adjusted using a velcro.

Mid-Tai + hoodMid-Tai + hood

The adjustable hood of the Mid-Tai+


The Mid-Tai + is your ally to breastfeed your baby both quickly and discreetly, in a vertical position. You just need to loosen the knot on the straps, then use the slack to bring your baby down to breast level. Once your baby is done, you can just tighten the carrier to bring your baby back up, close enough to kiss.

Tutorials to learn how to wear baby

To best carry in your Mid-Taï + LLA in all the porting positions, click ontutos . Babywearing in mei-tai will have no secrets for you!

Technical details

The fabric of the Mid-Tai+ is made with certified origin organic cotton (GOTS label), the dyes we use are guaranteed without any toxic substance, and it is woven in broken twill.

The accessories (cords, buckles…) used on the carrier have been chosen amongst the best on the market. p>

The Mid-Tai+ has been tested and approved CEN/TR 16512. It complies with all safety requirements.

It comes with an instructional leaflet, which will guide you step by step to carry your child with the Mid-Tai+, and includes all our experts tips and tricks.

The Mid-TaÏ+ comes with a small removable mirror so that you can keep an eye on your baby when they are carried on the back. This mirror can be put away in a fabric cover, and can be fastened on the loop on your shoulder strap.

The small removable mirror is used to watch your baby when he is carried on his back. This mirror is stored in its fabric case (made of organic cotton [label GOTS], dyeing without toxic substances) and can hang on the shoulder strap on your shoulder.

Color following availability in stock.

The small removable mirror is automatically added to your cart when you select a Mid-Taï +

If you baby is about 18 months old and/or measuring at least 90cm, check Ling Ling d'amour preschooler meitai : the Maxi-Tai.

Depending on the color settings of your device (computer / tablet / phone), the colors of the photos produced may vary. All our photos are produced under white light without backlighting.

From birth
Age ranges
4 months old (13.2lbs) - 3 years old
Max weight
39,6 lbs
Apron size at the smallest
7.8 x 8.2 inch (headrest not included)
Apron size at the largest
16.53 x 17.32 inch (headrest inluded)
Nursing in this baby carrier
Can be used to carry your baby
devant et sur le dos
fabric made in certified organic cotton (GOTS)
Broken Twill Weave
210 g/m2
fabric dye
Country of manufacture
Type of baby carrier

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