2018 : Moonlight - Titane - Stormy Blue - Eucalyptus
copy of P4 full-buckle carrier
copy of P4 full-buckle carrier
copy of P4 full-buckle carrier
2018 : Moonlight - Titane - Stormy Blue - Eucalyptus

copy of P4 full-buckle carrier

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P4 soft-structured carrier

A soft-structured ergonomic carrier featuring a buckle belt and back pack style shoulder straps.

The P4 is an evolutif ergonomic baby carrier that doesn’t require any tying!

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The P4 full-buckle carrier

a convenient, ergonomic and fast baby carrier !

  • for babies from 4months old up to 3 years old (from 6 to 18 kg) ;
  • made with baby wrap fabric in organic cotton (GOTS label);
  • no tying;
  • shoulder straps and waist belt adjustable and comfortable;
  • padded apron at baby's knees;
  • included : small mirror, hood, small bag.

full-buckle carrier P4 Ling Ling d'amour

The 4 soft-structured ergonomic carrier to easily carry your baby.

A soft-structured carrier 

It is made using our organic cotton (GOTS label) wrap fabric. With its ingenious adjusting system, the P4 follows your baby’s growth from 4 months old (approx. 6kg) up to 3 years old (max. 18 kg). The P4 allows you to carry your child on the front or back, easily and quickly.

front carry full-buckle P4Front carry using your P4

back carry full-buckle P4 Ling Ling d'amourBack carry using your P4

A double concept

P4 full-buckle carrier easy to carry your baby

Front carry your baby with P4 full-buckle carrier

The P4 is an ergonomic baby carrier featuring

1. The advantages of a soft-structured carrier: quick and easy to install

The belt can be adjusted independently from the width of the back panel. You can fasten it quickly with a 3-points secure buckle.

For your comfort, the belt is padded and adjustable. It adapts easily to the morphology of every babywearer.

The shoulder straps can be slipped on like a back pack. They are padded and secured with a horizontal chest strap.

The shoulder straps and the belt, when well adjusted, allow for a good distribution of your baby’s weight.

The P4 babycarrier requires no tying. We recommend this baby carrier to all the babywearers who don’t like tying.

belt full buckle carrier P4 Ling Ling d'amourThe belt with its secure 3-points fastening buckle

back strap full buckle carrier P4 Ling Ling d'amourThe chest strap can be moved vertically to enhance your babywearing comfort

2. The feeling and modularity of a mei-tai carrier:

The fabric of the P4 is made with organic cotton. The fluid panel comfortably wraps your baby’s back. With its adjustment system for both width and height of the panel, the P4 gently keeps up with your baby’s growth.

The seat buckle on the panel is auto-blocking, thus making the width adjustment quick and easy.

full buckle P4 LLA reduce apron systemThe adjustment buckle: reducing the seat width.

full buckle P4 lla reduce apron heightSide cords: reducing the back panel height

An evolutive apron

The P4 panel can be adjusted widthwise and heightwise to gently keep up with your child’s development.

If you baby is less than 4 months old, check our P4 baby size carrier.

Useable from 4 months old (approx. 6kg) :

For the small babies, the P⁴ panel can be reduced to 17 cm wide to avoid overspreading the hips during the first few months. Heightwise, the panel can be reduced to 23 cm. With the width and the height set to the minimum, you can carry your baby from 4 months old (approx. 6kg): no need to wait until they can grab their ankles.

The soft wrap fabric of the panel perfectly fits your baby’s body contour and their physiological rounded back.

full-buckle carrier P4 Ling Ling d'amour

The primary asset of the P4: greatly adjustable dimensions!

Also suitable for children up to 3 years old and more :

preschool full-buckle carrier P4 Ling Ling d'amour

Toddlers are not to be left out. The P4 baby carrier lets you to carry your child up to 18 kg maximum (approx. 3 years old).

At the maximum, the P4 is 42.5 cm wide and 44.5 cm high: these measures make it toddler-sized.

Your child is more than 3 years old ?  Check our P4 preschool full buckle with a larger apron to continue carrying your kid.

A convenient and clever baby carrier!

The P4 is the lightest and least bulky soft-structured carrier on the market.

It is therefore very easy to fold away in your bag when you’re not using it.

full-buckle P4 LLA smallest carrier The P4 comes with a fabric pouch: convenient for storage !

The shoulder straps of your P4 allow a quick installation. Pull the strap, adjust, it’s all set!

The length can vary from 46 to 100 cm approx.

P4 full-buckle carrier easy to usePull the strap, adjust.

P4 full-buckle carrier Ling Ling d ' amourIt’s all set!

An innovative strap-holding system.

The excess from the straps can be rolled up and held by a velcro.

p4 strap baby carrier LLA

The hood’s depth can be adjusted to fit your baby’s head. Sewn to the panel, it can be fixed onto the shoulder straps and folded away in a small pocket behind the headrest.

P4 hood Ling Ling d'amour

The P4 comes with a small removable mirror so that you can keep an eye on your baby when they are carried on the back. This mirror can be put away in a fabric cover, and can be fastened on the loop on your shoulder strap.

mirror for back carry with your P4 full-buckle

The P4 is made with certified organic origin cotton (GOTS label), the dyes we use are guaranteed without any toxic substance, and it is woven in broken twill.

The accessories (cords, buckles…) used on the carrier have been chosen amongst the best on the market.

The P4 soft-structured carrier has been tested and certified CEN/TR 16512, and it complies with all safety requirements.

It comes with a matching pouch with a velcro fastening, featuring a storage pocket for the mirror and an inside pocket for the instructions leaflet. This leaflet contains instructions on how to carry your child with the P4, with all our expert tips and tricks.

Instructional videos

To help you, we have various tutorials !

From birth
Age ranges
4 months old (13.2lbs) - 3 years old
Max weight
39,6 lbs
Apron size at the smallest
6.7 x 9 inch (headrest not included)
Apron size at the largest
16.53 x 17.32 inch (headrest inluded)
Nursing in this baby carrier
Can be used to carry your baby
devant et sur le dos
fabric made in certified organic cotton (GOTS)
Broken Twill Weave
210 g/m2
fabric dye
Country of manufacture
Type of baby carrier

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