copy of P4 preschool full-buckle carrier
copy of P4 preschool full-buckle carrier

copy of P4 preschool full-buckle carrier

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P4 preschool

A soft-structured ergonomic carrier for preschool kids featuring a buckle belt and back pack style shoulder straps.

The P4 preschool is an evolutive ergonomic baby carrier designed to carry your child from 2 years old to 27kg max.

P4 Preschool Jacquard  here


Full buckler P4 preschool

Looking to wear your child 3 years old or older? The P4 preschool is designed to meet the physiological carrying requirements of older children: :

  • for children from 2 to 5 years old (up to 27 kg)
  • all-in-1, no knotting to do
  • 2 carrying positions: front and back
  • flexible and evolutive, adapts to the morphology of the wearer and the child
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps and waistbelt
  • adjustable hood
  • padding under the baby's knees
  • pocket mirror included

A soft-structured carrier for older children

The P4 preschool of Ling Ling d'amour is a toddler full-buckle all-in-1 that allows the wearing of children from 2 to 5 years, from 9 to 27 kg. You put on this child carrier like a backpack , and the straps are adjusted with one hand. LLA has designed thiscarrier to be comfortable and adjustable. Its settings and padding will allow you to wear your child for a long time , when he will no longer want to walk or hike for example.

It's the largest, lightest, and the least bulky full-buckle carrier on the market ! You fold and carry this preschooler carrier everywhere with you easily.

p4 preschool full-buckle carrier  A baby carrier for preschoolers !

What you need to know

A comfortable and ultra-flexible child carrier

The shoulder straps of P4 preschool are padded with foam and slip like a backpack. A strap connects the two shoulder straps to provide more comfort and support, especially for carrying in the back position. The straps and the belt, with a good adjustment, allow a very good distribution of the weight of the child worn.

P4 preschool buckleThe chest strap can be moved vertically to enhance your babywearing comfort.

The waist belt is wide and also foamed for the comfort of the wearer. It is clipped with a 3-point safety loop. It is adjustable, like straps straps, and thus adapts to the size of the wearer.

p4 preschool beltThe belt with its secure 3-point locking buckle

The P4 preschool baby carrier apron is also adjustable and makes it scalable and flexible . The width of the seat ranges from 40 to 55 cm, and its height is modulated from 36 to 52.5 cm thanks to an adjustment system with cords.The backrest adjustment loop is self-locking. The adjustment of the apron width is thus easy and fast.

préformé preschool toddler réglage hauteur P4 prescoolThe side cords to reduce the height of the apron.

The backrest is padded under the knees so as not to hurt the fragile skin of toddlers.

p4 preschool adjustable widthReducing the apron width

High quality materials

The P4 preschool full-buckler carrier is made of the same fabric as a baby wrap, that is to say, with a Broken Twill Weave, very supportive . Its cotton is certified organic origin and meets the label GOTS. It is thus guaranteed without toxic substances.

Accessories, such as cords and loops, have been selected for their quality among the best in the market . The P4 preschool has been tested and certified CEN / TR 16512, following laboratory tests. It complies with the security requirements. The price of this full-buckler carrier is still accessible.

The little touches of Ling Ling d'amour

In their preschooler full-buckle carrier, LLA has added a great deal of attention to meet the expectations of the parents. Thus, the P4 preschool has a removable mirror , very useful when the child is carried in the back. This mirror is stored in a cloth case and clings to the passing of a strap, within reach.

miror to look at your baby while back carryingThe small removable mirror of the P4 preschool

For the comfort of the children, you will find a hood on the big P4. It adjusts to the size of your child's head with a Velcro. This hood is sewn on the apron and fits in his little pocket, behind the headrest.

réglage en profondeur capuche préformé porte-bébé P4The hood helps protect baby from the wind or the sun

Another little tip: the excess strap of the rolled up straps can be maintained by a scratch.

How to wear your child

In this full-buckler carrier, you will have the possibility of carrying your child in 2 positions:

  • front carry ;
  • back carry;

Your child will be ergonomic weared, his legs will be flexed and his pelvis tilted.

front carry preschooler full-buckleThe P4 preschool child carrier allows you to carry your child respecting his physiology


To know everything about the P4, from baby-size to preschool, through the standard P4, check ourvideos tutorials !

Technical details

The P4 preschool is made with certified organic origin cotton (GOTS label), the dyes we use are guaranteed without any toxic substance, and it is woven in broken twill.

The accessories (cords, buckles…) used on the carrier have been chosen amongst the best on the market.

The P4 preschoolsoft-structured carrier has been tested and certified CEN/TR 16512, and it complies with all safety requirements.

The P4 preschool is suitable for children from 2 years old to 5 years old (min.9kg up to 27 kg max.)

It comes with a matching pouch with a velcro fastening, featuring a storage pocket for the mirror and an inside pocket for the instructions leaflet. This leaflet contains instructions on how to carry your child with the P4 preschool, with all our expert tips and tricks.

Because of the buckle belt, we recommend the P4 preschool from a size 34/36. Below, the setting will not be optimal for wearing comfortably.

Depending on the color settings of your device (computer / tablet / phone), the colors of the photos produced may vary. All our photos are produced under white light without backlighting.

Do you prefer a child carrier with the wearing sensations of a baby wrap?

We recommand you the preschool Maxi-Tai.

From birth
Age ranges
2 years old (35.4 inch and more) - 5 years old
Max weight
Nursing in this baby carrier
Can be used to carry your baby
front and back carry
fabric made in certified organic cotton (GOTS)
Broken Twill Weave
210 g/m2
fabric dye
Country of manufacture
Type of baby carrier
Super !
rating 5
Notre fils de 2 ans et demi ne voulait plus de la poussette et pour nous c’était contraignant de l’emmener partout. J’ai entendu parler de ce porte bébé et nous en sommes ravis. La première fois qu’il est allé dedans, il s’est endormi pendant la balade. Vraiment un bon compromis, il peut marcher puis se reposer.

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