copy of M-Tai on special offer

copy of M-Tai on special offer

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Ling Ling d’amour’s « hybrid » carrier: its mixed shoulder straps (both padded and spreadable) are tied on while its belt is fastened using a buckle.

A clever mix between a soft-structured carrier and a mei-tai



Quick, convenient and evolutive

half-buckle carrier

Discover our hybrid baby carrier: a clever mix between a soft-structured carrier and a mei-tai. With its mixed shoulder straps (both padded and spreadable) and its buckle belt, the M-Tai lets you carry your child from 4 months old (approx. 6kg) up to 3 years old (max. 15kg), on the front or on the back.

Faster than a standard mei-tai

  • No need to tie the belt, you just need to fasten the buckle like a soft-structured carrier. The 3-points buckle offers a quick and secure installation.

  • The mixed straps allow for an almost instant fit on your shoulders.

The M-Tai is a hybrid baby carrier: the buckle belt and mixed shoulder straps bring comfort and great ease of use.

Very comfortable

M-Tai half buckle back carry

The shoulder straps of your M-Tai have a 7cm wide, 41cm long padding, featuring an overstitching in the middle for a good hold of the foam. The foamed straps allow for a superior babywearing comfort, and a great freedom of movement for the wearer’s arms.

They are also spreadable (24cm wide) so you can spread them on your chest for a good weight distribution and an optimal support.

You can also spread the wide tails flat under your baby’s bottom to reinforce the seat if necessary.

The belt is wide (13 cm) and densely padded below the seat. This gives you a great comfort and a good support over time.


The M-Tai back panel can be adjusted in various ways: :

evolutif appron M-Tai

  • A strap sets the seat width from 15.5 to 42 cm. Very convenient: the adjustment of this strap is independent from that of the belt on the wearer. Small or big baby, small or tall wearer, all combinations are possible (waist max. 135cm).
  • Side cords and cord locks set the height from 21 to 34 cm for a perfect fit.
  • The foam headrest can be lowered (babies, awake periods, toddlers) for an optimal back panel height and freedom of movement of the head. It can also be raised during naps for head support, and brings the total height of the panel to 45 cm.

When your baby can sit up by herself, her arms can be let out of the panel.

The fabric of the M-Tai is made with certified origin organic cotton (GOTS label), the dyes we use are guaranteed without any toxic substance, and it is woven in broken twill.

The accessories (cords, buckles…) used on the carrier have been chosen amongst the best on the market.

The M-Tai comes with an instructions leaflet, containing safety guidelines and illustrated step-by-step instructions to carry your child on the front or the back. Many videos are also available on our YouTube channel.

The M-Tai has been tested and approved by a certified testing laboratory, using a standard test procedure based on NF EN 13209.2. It complies with all safety requirements.


(+ / - 5 % )

Back panel set to the minimum::

Minimum seat width: 15,5 cm

Minimum panel height (at the middle, not including headrest): 21,5 cm

Back panel set to the maximum:

Maximum seat width: 42 cm

Maximum panel height (at the middle, not including headrest) : 34 cm

Maximum panel height (at the middle, not including headrest) : 45 cm

Headrest height: 11cm

Shoulder strap length (total): 187 cm / 197cm on Eucalyptus / Dried Herb / Chocolate / Evergeen / Bleu Klein / Orchidée / Sunflower colourways

(Length of the padded part of the strap: 41 cm)

(Length of the non-padded part of the strap: 146 cm / 156 cm on Eucalyptus / Dried Herb / Chocolate / Evergeen / Bleu Klein / Orchidée / Sunflower colourways)

Shoulder strap width: 24 cm

(Width of the padding: 7 cm)

Belt width: 10,5 cm

Total length of the belt (set to the max): 136 cm

Instructional videos (shot with the first generation M-Tai, previously called mei-tai)

Click here to view on Youtube

From birth
Age ranges
4 months old (13.2lbs) - 3 years old
Max weight
39,6 lbs
Apron size at the smallest
5.9 x 8.2 inch (headrest not included)
Apron size at the largest
16.53 x 17.32 inch (headrest inluded)
Nursing in this baby carrier
Can be used to carry your baby
front and back carry
fabric made in certified organic cotton (GOTS)
Broken Twill Weave
210 g/m2
fabric dye
Country of manufacture
Type of baby carrier

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