copy of P4 baby size full-buckle carrier

copy of P4 baby size full-buckle carrier

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P4 baby size is the full-buckle carrier for the first months of your baby.

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P4 baby size carrier

  • newborn 3,5kg up to 12months old (max.15kg) ;
  • baby wrap fabric in organic cotton (GOTS label );
  • no tying;
  • shoulder straps and waist belt adjustable and comfortable;
  • padded under baby's knees;
  • included : small mirror, hood, small bag.

full buckler P4 baby size Ling Ling d'amour

A full-buckler carrier for newborn

The P4 baby size is an ergonomic soft-structured carrier that you can use from the very first moment of your child.

The P4 baby size is made of fabric of babywrap in organic cotton (GOTS label). Its ajusting system is very well thought out to follow the growth of your newborn from birth (about 3.5kg) to at about 12 months ( max 15 kg ). The P4 baby size allows you to easily carry your newborn from the first moments.

An easy way to carry your newborn

P4 baby size Ling Ling d'amourP4 baby size Ling Ling d'amour

The belt can be adjusted independently from the width of the back panel. You can fasten it quickly with a 3-points secure buckle.

For your comfort, the belt is padded and adjustable. It adapts easily to the morphology of every babywearer. It adapts very easily to the morphology of each carrier . The total length of the belt is 137cm.

The shoulder straps on your shoulders like those of a backpack. They are padded and closed by a horizontal strap with a buckle.

The straps and the belt, with a good adjustment, allow a very good distribution of the weight of your baby.

With the P4 baby size carrier, there is no knotting to do !

This is the baby carrier we recommend to all parents want to wear baby but who do not wish to used’a baby wrap or a ringsling.

La ceinture abdominale avec sa boucle de fermeture sécurisée à 3 points.The belt with its secure 3-points fastening buckle

La sangle poitrine du P4The chest strap can be moved vertically to enhance your babywearing comfort

From the first days of your baby's life

The fabric of the P4 baby size baby carrier is made from certified organic cotton (GOTS label). Because the P4 baby size fabric is soft , the baby carrier's apron comfortably supports your baby's back comfortably . Thanks to the system of adjustment of the height and the width of the apron, your P4 baby size accompanies you from the first days until the first birthday of your baby.

An apron size great for newborn

The seat of the P4 baby size baby carrier is 11.5 wide to meet the very small pelvis spacing of infants. In height, the apron can be reduced to 23 cm with the headrest lowered. By adjusting the seat and height to the smallest, you can wear baby from its first days: there is absolutely no need to wait until baby knows how to catch his feet.

P4 baby size LLA

Wear your newborn baby in a suitable baby carrier.

That's the beauty of the P4 baby size: easily carry baby from the first moment!

Quick and safe adjustment

The maximum dimensions of the P4 baby are 29 cm of seat width for 36 cm of height . You can continue to carry baby until his first birthday and / or his first steps.

The adjustment loop of the apron seat is self-locking. The adjustment of the apron width is thus easy and fast.

préformé porte-bébé évolutif P4 LLA boucle de réglageThe adjustment buckle: reducing the seat width.

cordons sur les côtés : réduit la hauteur du tablierSide cords: reducing the back panel height

The lightest and least bulky newborn full-buckle carrier on the market.

The P4 baby size is a physiological fullbuckle baby carrier that is easy to fold and store in your purse when not in use. The P4 baby size is delivered in its small cloth pouch: practical to store it!

The tips of Ling Ling d'amour

The shoulder straps of your P4 baby size allow you to install your baby quickly.

P4 baby size LLA Eucalyptus

Wear your newborn quickly and easily !

Pull the strap, adjust, it's set!

An ingenious system to maintain the straps.

P4 LLA shoudler straps

The excess strap of the rolled up straps is held by a velcro.

The hood is stitched to the apron. It attaches to the straps with the cords and stows in her little pocket, behind the headrest. Its depth adjustment system allows you to adjust to the size of your baby.

capuche préformé porte-bébé P4 Ling Ling d'amourThe hood is attached to the straps of the baby carrier.

The P4 baby size also has a small mirror removable to observe your baby when it is worn on the back. This mirror fits in its cloth case and can hang on the suspender strap on your shoulder.

mirror P4The small mirror of your P4 carrier

LLA's know-how

Ling Ling d'amour has selected the best to design the P4 baby size to offer infants and parents comfort and safety .

newborn carrier P4 baby size LLA hood

The physiological position of your newborn is respected in the P4 baby size

The fabric of the P4 baby size is certified organic cotton (GOTS label), the dye is without toxic substances and the weave is crossed twill "English" also called broken-twill.

The accessories (cord, buckle, ...) used on the baby carrier were chosen from the best on the market.

Tuto video

Watch our special P4 tutorial video to help you carry your little one or go to tuto P4 page :

How to carry your baby in the front with your P4 ?

Technical details

The P4 soft-structured carrier has been tested and certified CEN/TR 16512, and it complies with all safety requirements.

It comes with a matching pouch with a velcro fastening, featuring a storage pocket for the mirror and an inside pocket for the instructions leaflet. This leaflet contains instructions on how to carry your child with the P4, with all our expert tips and tricks.

Du fait de la ceinture à boucle, nous recommandons le P4 baby size à partir d’une taille 34/36. En-dessous, le réglage ne sera pas optimal pour porter confortablement.

Selon les réglages couleurs de votre appareil (ordinateur / tablette / téléphone), les coloris des photos produits peuvent varier. Toutes nos photos produits sont réalisées sous lumière blanche sans contrejour.

Vous ne voulez pas de l'uni ?


Your baby is 4months old and more ?

We recommand your the P4 standard carrier.

From birth
Age ranges
birth (6,6lbs) - 12 months
Max weight
33 lbs
Apron size at the smallest
4.3 x 7.1 inch (headrest not included)
Apron size at the largest
11.4 x 14.1 inch (headrest included)
Nursing in this baby carrier
Can be used to carry your baby
front and back carry
fabric made in certified organic cotton (GOTS)
Broken Twill Weave
210 g/m2
fabric dye
Country of manufacture
Type of baby carrier

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